November 2017

Troutman VIneyards

@Troutman Vineyards in Wooster. Saturday, November 11th

This Saturday, November 11th I’ll be back at one of my favorite little rooms around, Troutman Vineyards Winery in Wooster. Troutman Vineyards sports an intimate tasting room with historic photos. They whip up a nice variety of varietals and blends served with a selection of gourmet treats. If you’re really hungry, bring food from home or […]

Saucy Brew Works

Wednesdays @Saucy Brew Works in Hingetown

I’ll be appearing Wednesdays from 6 to 10 at Saucy Brew Works in the Hingetown neighborhood of Ohio City. Saucy is a low-stress, high-quality brewery and pizza joint. Their beers are unique and very well crafted. The pizzas are not like anything you’ve had before, with items like honeycomb, kielbasa or kung pao sauce. You can build […]

Newman Creek Cellars

@Newman Creek Cellars for their 5-year Anniversary, October 28th

I’ll be joining the good folks at Newman Creek Cellars in downtown Massillon on Saturday, October 28th to help celebrate their 5-year anniversary. They’ll have wine & beer making demonstrations, giveaways, sales on beer & wine kits, door prizes and a 50/50 raffle. If you feel like taking your aggressions out on some helpless grapes; for […]

Working Class Brewery

Hellafun at Working Class Brewery

I had a hellafun time with the kids at Working Class Brewery. They’re making some solid, badass beer. Rock on Carmen, Michael, and Natalie! I tried the Cubed Done Russian Imperial Stout at Saucy Brew Works‘ Oktoberfest a week or so ago and enjoyed it thoroughly. I’d have brought home a growler of that, but alas, you […]

Working Class Brewery

@Working Class Brewery for Cleveland Beer Week

The new Working Class Brewery at Kamm’s Corners was made for Cleveland. Started, as you might guess, by a couple of working-class guys and built in a working-class neighborhood in a working-class town. Simple, fresh ingredients brewed up by the hard-working folks of WCB is the hallmark of this place. I’ll be playing the tap […]

Want Free Songs?

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