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This is the blunt answer you’ll get when you ask what got Will Cheshier into music. He figured that girls liked rock stars so he should be a rock star. Along the way, however, he fell so deeply under the spell of the music that he forgot to work on his hair.

Will draws from his love for all kinds of music to craft an addictive blend of pop melody, funk rhythm, jazz sensibility and visceral blues emotion. Deftly rhythmic lyrics and picturesque stories are woven throughout, delivered by a strong clear voice over agile and densely complex guitar.

Although he’s now an established regional solo artist, Will cultivated his singular style with tenures in an eclectic chain of bands. They included progressive rock (Sign of Life), brit pop (Up Ten Yen), acid jazz (Headz) and jazz and blues influenced pop (Big Drunk Dummy) as well as top 40, funk and other combos. He has played shows with an equally diverse group of artists including Styx, Pat Benatar, Monte Montgomery, Tony McAlpine, The Smithereens and The Greyboy Allstars.

And there’s something for everyone in Will’s riveting melodies, kinetic grooves and lyrics of love, loss, humor and pain. Even girls like it, well, the music anyway.



Thank you, Will Cheshier. Thank you for not being afraid of a little honesty in your songwriting. This most important of virtues is sorely lacking in too much of today’s music.
… his guitar skills are what make eleven to nine stand out…. from the driven chug on “the heart of a fool” to the flowing line that gives “song for no one” its strong emotional pull.
-Score Music Magazine

Cheshier blends jazz, pop, funk and blues with inspired lyrics to achieve a funky mix of poppy folk songs. The fascinating guitar technique and soothing vocals on his debut EP, Eleven to Nine, captivate listeners and emphasize his confounding songwriting ability.
-Pittsburgh Pulp

Man this guy is cool! I really dig this disc. The guitar is outstanding! And you know I don’t say that lightly. … I can’t rave about the acoustic guitar playing enough. Will Cheshier has a Dave Mathews meets the Bare Naked Ladies sound and I can’t wait to hear the full CD,
-South of Main

An acoustic project that shines the spotlight on his guitar technique and staggering songwriting ability. … It doesn’t take long at all to hear and respect the talent that bleeds through. …see how you too can experience the magic.